Posted: 1 month ago

Welcome To Earth! - Gega Kutateli's Personal Exhibition to Present at Dedicace Gallery

Dedicace Gallery virtual space presents Gega Kutateli's personal exhibition - "Welcome to Earth!" on January 20th.

Due to the state of emergency, the gallery offers a new exhibition in the online, virtual gallery, which can be accessed from the gallery website -

Photographs of the exhibited works will also be posted on Facebook and Instagram:

"Gega Kutateli's conceptual painting is characterized by the defining elements of pop art and American realism: loneliness, sadness, existential problems, and irony, where the characters are anonymous often with their backs turned and the environment is empty and laconic. The emphasis is on the emptiness of the environment, where the chaotic melancholy of the depicted people contrasts with the environment. For people who are in an existential impasse, it is as if the sky bears some sort of hint of a way out - a sky where something new is always happening that is the loudest and most varied.
Gega Kutateli is a member of the On / Off group, which in its work focuses on people and their problems of human existence in the modern environment. The artists of the group On / Off pay special attention to the critique of the general context and their expressive language is clearly vocal and ironic.", is written in the description of the event.