Posted: 7 months ago

Voice of America: United States Department of State Supports Freedom of assembly and Urges Parties to Avoid Escalations

On the matters of the massive demonstrations in Tbilisi, representative of United States Department of State commented on these recent events with Voice of America.

The written statement reads: “We are attentively observing the protests in Tbilisi. The United States supports freedom of speech, association and assembly. We call on the officials and demonstrators to show restraint and prevent any escalation or violence."

On November 14th, the US Embassy in Georgia also made a statement regarding current events developing on Rustaveli avenue, towards the Parliament of Georgia. The diplomatic mission declared that the US Embassy had welcomed the ruling party's promise that the country would move to a fully-proportional parliamentary electoral system by 2020. This was seen by the United States as an important decision for Georgia's democratic progress and building trust between political parties.