Posted: 4 months ago

Untitled Gallery hosts Tamar Giorgadze's Exhibition - Anamnesis - Ignored Part of our Memory

Untitled Gallery is set to host the solo exhibition of a Georgian painter Tamar Giorgadze with her project "Anamnesis". 

‘Anamnesis’ - summary of both general signs of illness and a person's subjective feelings. Exhibition ‘Anamnesis’ relates to the forgotten, ignored, traumatic parts of our memory. Family photo album photos of the second half of 20th century Soviet Georgia, also the patterns and wallpapers of that time, became the inspiration. The series of paintings, to a certain extent, a visual anamnesis, in which subjective and ideology realities submerge.

Tamar Giorgadze is an Artist/Painter from Georgia. Born 1983, in Tbilisi. After graduating from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts [MFA] she continued her studies in Brussels, LUCA _ School of Art, at Transmedia Postgraduate Program of Art, Media, and Design. Her practice is mainly concentrated on drawing and painting techniques, shifting the boundaries between figurative and abstract, transforming them into somehow ‘poetic/nostalgic’ aesthetics, with well-defined color pallet and geometrically structured compositions.

The exhibition opening will be held on the 8th of February at 7 PM, and it will last until 27th of February. Entrance is free.