Posted: 2 months ago

Untitled Gallery Hosts 'DEEPFACKE' By Ukrainian Artist Oleksandra Ahapova

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi hosts new exhibition “DEEPFACKE” by Tbilisi based Ukrainian artist Oleksandra Ahapova.
“Kids love to play in the playground. And kids are likely to break other people's sand castles when they see that someone has a better than their own. Will children break other people's castles their whole lives if they did so once? Could be true because that’s the first time when they feel impunity and complete freedom of action. We used to be kids as well but not all of us have grown up... We still love the sandbox we used to play in… But now they are trying to break our sand with the sound of sirens, explosions, missile strikes, tank volleys, shots, screams and cries.
Yes, we are the same, but we are very different. We do have a common past. Which was not freely chosen but IMPOSED. Yes, we have a common language but IMPOSEDLY. Yes, we have a common culture and traditions. IMPOSED. Yes, we have a common history. REWRITTEN. Yes, we have mutual love. DESTROYED. How many people must die to understand that there are separate peoples, separate histories, territories and separate lives, which were happy and pleasant, until the morning of February 24…
My toys are an example of how different people can be united by an imposed idea. My toys show that you can exist on your own even if you have something similar and even when you have nothing in common, you can still continue to exist separately. In peace. You can exist in symbiosis, benefit each other and logically complement each other. In peace. My story is trying to remind you about our collective humanity and genetic, historical connection to each other, but even so, everyone is an individual. My toys are created from each other, but every single one of them can be mainly perceived as an independent unit.”
Oleksandra has been working in Tbilisi for a year now and creates toys, which have toured numerous exhibitions and art fairs. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Oleksandra looks at her loved ones on the front line, from a distance. Artist aims to make more people feel what Ukrainians are experiencing during the occupation and the war.
It will be possible to make a donation at the exhibition, as well as to buy toys. The entire amount will be transferred to one of the Ukrainian aid funds.
Exhibition opens on March 26th, and will continue till April 3. Curator is Giorgi Kikoria. The entrance is free of charge.