Posted: 3 years ago

Untitled Archive - Reflection of Soviet Transcaucasus in Untitled Gallery Tbilisi

Untitled Archive" tries to reflect the everyday life of the people from Soviet Transcaucasus and later South Caucasian three Soviet states.

Media takes the main role in 20th century not only in Soviet Union but the whole world.
If before, whatever was being written in journals-newspapers was a priori truth, in the 20th century, it was replaced with visual media. More specifically, the opportunity of having photo cameras, from our times perspective, adopted the role of social media. Storytelling became much more simple. By exchanging private photographs people were not only sharing the information or emotions but also they kept the “pure memory” to the next generation.

This initiative researches the honest reflection of 20th century’s social, cultural and political reality created by the people without any involvement of formal Soviet institutions.

What kind of reality the people from previous century want to show to the generation that would be born in absolutely different not only the country but the world?

What did “they want “us to see and how does the process of information sharing go today? Who/what does the main curation of our memories?

The exhibition is the first phase to re-open the discussion between the Soviet generation and the generation born and raised in independent countries.

The project also includes discussions, film screenings and the book published in the end.
The initiative still continues collecting photo archives even after the exhibition, so anyone interested in participating should contact Untitled Gallery Tbilisi.