Posted: 5 years ago

Tourism And Hospitality Conference To Hold In Tbilisi

The conference will take place at Radisson on June 18 within the framework of Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Award. The event connects panel discussions and thematic presentations from the top market suppliers and field experts. It is also planned to hold B2B meetings and the detailed presentation of the 5th Anniversary Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards competition year of 2019.

The discussions will be generated about challenges and opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The panels are presented above:

1st Panel – Governmental Presentations on challenges and perspectives/statistics;

2nd Panel – Old and New rules of Hospitality;

3rd Panel – Responsible Tourism and Sustainability;

4th Panel – Georgia and the World – Rising Awareness.

As organizers declaim, the fourth Tourism and Hospitality Conference within Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards is a unique platform for representatives of the industry. The conference is aimed to consolidate representatives of respective industry, government officials, international and local experts, and media. Conference is the best way to exchange information, communicate and catch up with the latest trends and challenges in Tourism and Hospitality sphere and Georgian Business industry in general.