Posted: 3 months ago

Touch RGB Festival Showcases "HUMAN CELL ATLAS" - A Data-Driven Portrait of Humanity

As part of the international digital design festival Touch RGB, happening from April 11 to 14, attendees are in for a unique experience with the first-ever presentation of the world-renowned OUCHHH installation "THE HUMAN CELL ATLAS" in the historical pavilion of TEC.

This installation is not just an artwork; it's a narrative journey, an artistic self-portrait of humanity drawn with the lines of code and streams of data, representing the DATA JOURNEY of our 37.2 trillion cells.

The inspiration behind this masterpiece is the ambitious Human Cell Atlas Project, a global effort that aims to map every cell in the human body to revolutionize our understanding of health and disease. This collective dream has united experts from biology to mathematics, all aiming to unlock the mysteries locked within our cells.

Taking this exploration to celestial heights, "THE HUMAN CELL ATLAS" installation embarked on a journey aboard the Nova-C lander named “Odysseus,” launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This mission, undertaken by Intuitive Machines, aimed to land the first American spacecraft on the moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, marking a historic moment for humanity and art alike.

OUCHHH has established itself as a pioneering force in public art, with approximately 75 installations across every continent in cities like Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and Dubai, among others. The studio’s work has been widely recognized and awarded globally, including accolades such as the Reddot Design Best of the Best Awards and the German Design Award, showcasing its impactful contribution to art and technology on an international scale.

"THE HUMAN CELL ATLAS" at the Touch RGB Festival represents a convergence of art, science, and technology, inviting participants to delve into the complexity of human life through a profound narrative that transcends traditional boundaries of expression.