Posted: 3 months ago

Time to Win! - White Square Festival to be Held in Minsk

White Square is the 12th International Advertising and Marketing Festival, which holds in Minsk, Belarus on April 15-17.

Time to Win! - is the main message of White Square this year. The festival will unite more than 1000 pieces of work and approximately 700 delegates from 30 countries. On April 15-17th, Minsk will become the center of creative industry, trends, and inspiration center.

Here, representatives of international and local agencies, independent design studios, professionals from different countries will gather and share experiences with each other.

The competition of the festival has already begun. Participants can send their applications on their official website Deadline is 27th of March.

 The applications are received within 7 categories of the competition: branding, creativity, marketing, digital, creative efficiency, media, and changes towards improvement. The participants will be evaluated by 6 teams of the jury, professionals, who have received an awards on Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and other awarding ceremonies. 

Part of the juries is already revealed:

საკონკურსო ნაწილის გარდა, ფესტივალზე წარმოდგენილი იქნება საგანმანათლებლო პროგრამაც, ბიზნესის სხვადასხვა მიმართულებით. 15-17 აპრილს დელეგატებს შეეძლებათ დაესწრონ მასტერკლასებს, ლექციებს, პრეზენტაციებსა და სადისკუსიო პანელებს. ასევე, გაერთონ და გაიცნონ ახალი ადამიანები.

Apart from the competition, the festival will also present an educational program in the different fields of business. On April 15-17, delegates will have an opportunity to attend master classes, lectures, presentations, and panel discussions.