Posted: 3 years ago

The Multi-media Installation "Sizmari" - Dream will be held on 13-16 June in Georgia

The project will be organized in an old pavilion of Film Studio on 13-16 June. 11 artists are participating in this platform. Their collaboration creates the labyrinth of neurons, which keeps engaged attendees in different ways. The labyrinths are maintained with specific halls, which are united with entangled corridors. After coming from the labyrinth one can touch the space, which perceives his/her heartbeat and transforms it into music and visualization. Organizers promise their attendees the tidal wave of emotions. As they note, this kind of project has never been organized in Georgia before.


SIZMARI - სიზმარი from sizmari on Vimeo.

""Sizmari" is multi-media installation, which involves a range of different mediums, for instance, sculpture, architecture, audiovisual art and their synthesis with digital, contemporary technologies. The project unifies 11 artists with different perceptions and point of views, who are surrounded by one idea, which is really rare. We were working for the project for 1 year and a half. It needed some time to collaborate and arrange building materials for installations, which we brought from abroad."