Posted: 2 weeks ago

Terra Incognita Films Hosts 1st Script Development Residency on October 10-17


Terra Incognita Films organized an event - 1st Script Development Residency, which will be held in Telavi, in Zaira Arsenishvili's house-museum on October 10-17. 

The new educational project aims to develop scripts of 6 feature films together with Georgian and foreign experts. 

From the 30 projects submitted, the following 6 projects were selected for this year's Telavi Residence issue:

  1. “Tavadi's Woman Maia” – Margo Zubashvili;
  2. “Tear gas" - Uta Beria;
  3. “Under One Sky” – Anastasia Chanturaia;
  4. “Out of Context” – Gigi Janashia;
  5. “Chaos of Silence” – Nino Shaburishvili;
  6. “White Shadows” –Nino Gogua.

Working sessions will be held both online and on-site.

Mentors are as follows:

  • American screenwriter and professor of NYU, Kenneth Friedman;
  • An award-winning actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, Blerim Gjoci;
  • Founder of Carte Blanche Pictures, Anne Marie Boidock;
  • Producer Dominique Velinsky from France, who was launching project Film Factory over the years;
  • An executive producer for film and television and founder of production company Unafilm, Titus Kreyenberg.

American writer and publisher, Doug Morris will also attend the residence. He will discuss the matters of the Art of Writing.