Posted: 2 weeks ago

Tech Touch - Online Technology Conference for Business to be Held in Georgia  on 29-31 May

Latest technology trends discussions, practical advice for business owners, advice on a career path in various innovative fields - Tech Touch invites entrepreneurs and developers to join the online technology conference on 29-31 May.

The fact that COVID-19 is changing the way we work is undisputed, but how this virus will shape our future has yet to be explored. As optimists, Touch team believes that crisis is a great catalyst for positive change. Trying to cope with the new normal, Touch is moving its second event of the year to online. Participants will be able to join all the activities from home, using an all-in-one web application that will give them access to talks, discussions and even speed dating with other attendees or speakers.

On 29-31 May, over 20 speakers from Georgia and abroad will conduct online lectures and practical workshops to share the latest news in the world of technology, innovation and business. 

Speakers will represent various innovative companies from all over the world, including XPrize Foundation, IBM, Respeecher, Amazon Web Services, Asana, IMPACT GUIDANCE, TWINO, Synthesia, Samsung Electronics, Fab Lab Barcelona, Aligned Research Group, WebTotem, ex-Lyft, Lenovo, Ernst and Young and others. We also expect to have a panel discussion about the space industry hold by one of the organisers of Arctic15, space investor, entrepreneur and the astronaut.


Representatives of some of the most innovative companies in the world will share insights about innovating methods, building new technology products, and finding new places in the world of tech. While specially invited top managers and entrepreneurs will be talking about redefining the business in the current situation. Key topics will include: 

- Cloud technology for business.

- Machine learning applications for business.

- Cybersecurity and privacy when working from home.

- Fintech - new solutions for business, retail banking, digital banking, startups & banks.

- Future of Travel experience.

- Remote work: how the crisis will make us more global and open new opportunities.

- Startups: what the investors think, what the founders should know to survive.

- Future jobs: which paths can developers and product managers follow.


Besides usual talks with Q/A sessions, there will also be workshops with homework to gain new skills and learn on practice, live discussions of the most painful topics set by the attendees by themselves, 1-1 video calls with other participants during the event. The event MC will be coordinating the event and Q/A from the studio in Tbilisi.

How to take part:

 The tickets are on sale now on the website - The talks will be streamed via the web application, as well as recorded for later revision in case the attendee will need to skip something. The ticket holders will get access to the application by receiving an email invitation a couple of days before Tech Touch. 


This event will be interesting to both technical specialists - and business owners, marketers, HR managers, startup founders, as well as students.

Partners -, GITA, Impulse, Embassy of Israel in Georgia.

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