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Posted: 4 years ago

Tbilisi Photo Festival Presents Migrants Odyssey in Europe

Tbilisi Photo Festival continues, presenting the project - Migrants Odyssey in Europe. 

Migrants Odyssey in Europe will focus on the contemporary crisis of migration and its aftermath, with a panel discussion and screening program. The panel will gather artists that have photographed the migration issues: Irish photographer Richard Mosse, Italian Alessandro Penso from MAPS, Thomas Dworzak from Magnum Photos and Omar Imam, a Syrian photographer and refugee based in Amster-dam. Other international experts of migration will illuminate the issue further. The migration crisis is not a contemporary affair, but age-old. It is always a story of loss. People forget that a century ago, Europeans left Europe for political, economic, social, cultural, and religious reasons while nowadays non-Europeans are coming to Europe for the same reasons.

The discussion will be orchestrated by Polish-Georgian photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz.

The first part of the screening program - In and Out of Europe - will feature the works of above-mentioned photographers, as well as The Bureaucracy of Angels – a short film produced by Adam Broomberg & Olivier Chanarin that recorded the demolition of 100 migrant boats in Sicily during the winter of 2016; Odysseia by Antoine d’Agata, and the 19th century amateur, Augustus Frederick Sherman, whose riveting, turn-of-century-portraits of European immigrants at Ellis Island are archived at the New York Public Library.

Part 2 will include features on migration in an out of Georgia. Since the EU’s 2017 visa liberalization law, Georgians have been leaving the country in record numbers. Very often the reality Georgian migrants face is quite the opposite of what they imagined. Meanwhile, citizens of neighboring countries and Africa have migrated to Georgia in search of better lives.

Migrant communities in Georgia have been photographed both by international and Georgian photog-raphers that depict the reality migrants face, including how fake news plays a significant role in forming negative attitudes.

Date and Time: 18:30-21:30/ 17.09.2019

Location: Stamba Amphitheater, 14, M. Kostava str.