Posted: 1 month ago

Tbilisi Hills Trail Race - Event by TrailLab

After Lisi Trail Race, Tbilisi Adventure Run, Chilly Chili Run, and Kazbegi Marathon, TrailLab present Tbilisi Hills Trail Race, the last race in 2021.
The race is Hosted by Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences - one of the largest, innovative, and prestigious projects.
The race has three distances:
- 18 kilometers with 750 meters of elevation gain
- 14 kilometers with 550 meters of elevation gain
- 9 kilometers (Fun Run) with 300 meters of elevation gain
One can register here:
Views on Tbilisi, Kojori Forest, Kumisi Lake, and Shavnabada Monastery are seen from different parts of the route and Mount Kazbegi can also be seen in good weather. The route follows the trails surrounded by trees/bushes and with characteristic flowering cacti.
The race is also distinct from other TrailLab races with its unique elevation profile. As most of its 750 meters of elevation gain are concentrated in the second half of the distance and not in the first half, as for the other races.
 Runners must finish the distance inside the time limits:
- 18km: 03:30 hours
- 14km: 03:00 hours
- 9km: 03:00 hours