Posted: 4 months ago

Tbilisi Design Days to be Held in Spring 2021

Tbilisi will host an event in the Spring of 2021, which will include the following industries, such as architecture, design (product, interior), and every sphere, which are directly or indirectly related to design.
Organizers will hold a three-day conference, on which local and invited guests will address the audience. The discussions will be held upon different matters, in which local sector will participate.
"The project aims to popularize Georgia since we reckon, that we have interesting matters in our culture, which could be attractive for representatives of this field. Apart from this, the audience will have an opportunity to get the answer to all the questions state with direct communication. This process will be important for their professional carrier. It is probable, that we will hold workshops, which will be the big experience for beginner students in this field. We wish for Tbilisi to become a meeting place for people of these industries and part of global design. With this conference, holding annually, we want Tbilisi to become a regional platform, catalyst, which will promote development of this field together with other cultural events.
In the program of the festival will be several activities, which will include installations, meetings, lectures, workshops, and educational programs. During these three days, the event will be available for both representatives of these industries and broader society.", stated founders of the event, Ketuna Kruashvili, and Tamuna Gvaberidze.
Supposedly, the event will be held in October of every year, but taking into account the circumstances aroused in the world due to pandemics, it will be rescheduled in the Spring of 2021.