Posted: 3 weeks ago

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Holds Interdisciplinary Talk Series

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Holds Interdisciplinary Talk Series. On July 13th, Levan Asabashvili will discuss the matters of the decadence of late Soviet Georgian urbanism -its formation and results.
The series of interdisciplinary online talks aim at continuing the conversation started during the last edition of TAB (Tbilisi Architecture Biennial) in 2020 and builds on the already existing critical discourse of the topic. It will bring together various artists, scholars, urban and architectural professionals from Armenia, Belarus, Serbia, Georgia, and North Macedonia.
The talks will be conducted in English and streamed through multiple platforms including the website and Facebook page of TAB.
In the last decade of Soviet Georgia, its architectural and urban thinking was overwhelmed by the past. This attraction took a form of dissidence to the normative Soviet architecture and reflected the contradictions existing in its society. However, During the whole existence of Soviet Georgia, this attitude was not permanent.
"Through four Soviet Georgian films, I will trace the changing attitudes towards the past/tradition in this period and its influence on architecture and urbanism."
The event will be live-streamed via the website and Facebook page of TAB.
The Interdisciplinary Talk Series is made possible by the support of Summa Artium Foundation and Trust for Mutual Understanding. Tbilisi Architecture Biennial co-funded by the programme of the European Union.
All health and safety regulations will be carefully followed.