Posted: 1 week ago

Taste Tbilisi at Mushtaidi Park on Fall Weekends

''You can't even imagine how eagerly we were waiting to meet you - we were counting the days and the fallen leaves until the autumn "Street Food" market, which will fill Tbilisi with love and delicious food from October 16,''shares Taste Tbilisi. 

At the market, which will diversify city life until 8 pm, we can taste the dishes of 20 different food outlets, with tables set for up to 500 people, of course, following Covid regulations, in order to create fun and security for each other. 

It has been three years since Tbilisi Street Food events are held supported by the Tbilisi City Hall and the City Service for Economic Development. This year Tbilisi Taste has TBC as a new partner. 

Tbilisi Taste will host events from October 16 till October 31.