Posted: 1 year ago

Soviet and Modern Georgian Films to be Screened in Tokyo

The festival will take place in Tokyo, from March 7th to April 3rd.
In one of the film theaters of Tokyo, Soviet Union and Modern Georgian Films Festival - Soviet & Georgia Movie Feature will be held, where masterpieces of the Georgian cinematographers will be launched.
Organizers will screen the films, such as  "Svaneti's Salt", directed by Mikheil Kalatozishvili, "The Great Green Valley" by Merab Kokochashvili,  "Blind Dates" by Levan Koghuashvili, "House of Others" by Rusudan Glurjidze, etc.
Also, they will launch Soviet Georgian films, which are "I walk in Moscow" - by Giorgi Danelia, "Cuba of anger" - by Mikhail Karatzyshvili, "Pastorale" - by Otar Iosseliani, "Oromtriali" - by Lana Gogoberidze, etc. The price of the tickets is ¥ 1200.