Posted: 3 weeks ago

Sometimes Heaven is a Sad Story - Gallery 4710 Presents Tornike Robakidze's Exhibition

Gallery 4710 presents a solo show of Tornike Robakidze and a presentation of artist Buki's "Sometimes Heaven is a Sad Story".
The exhibition will be opened on April 23rd and will continue for 1 week.
"Sometimes heaven is a sad story. However, only sometimes and only when you can see the story as a story, and paradise as a paradise. In real, heavenly melancholy may be what drives one to do something. Here starts stories of my works, which are feelings of distant past or recent days. Feelings, that in the process of creation turn into drawings or words.
The artistic language I use is very transparent, a conductor of poetry. To me, it is a poem that is not conveyed in words, but I can express it in the form of an animal, a bird, or some abstract, mythological creature of my own - by my side, I must be everywhere where they are, for I am every painted form or object. These unreal scenes are one of the great metaphors of real stories, they disguise their own verse, which would be better drawn than said.
However, here are some poems that I should have definitely said, for which, instead of saying them with my own words, I started searching for them elsewhere: in the pages of magazines and newspapers, interviews, and reviews. The necessary words found each other in seconds and instantly turned into poems, becoming carriers of the thought that was in me. Someone else's words became mine, and I realized that it had never been someone else's.", is written in the event description.