Posted: 10 months ago

SOLO X Champions the Multi-City Tour of Aleksandre Kordzaia's "Brunette - Return"

SOLO X persists in its enthusiastic support for the arts and culture in Georgia, most recently by backing the imaginative musical production "Brunette - Return." The performance is scheduled to captivate audiences in various theaters across the country.

The creative endeavor springs from Aleksandre Kordzaia (commonly known as Kordz)'s composition "1999," crafted in 2021 for the Dutch ensemble Kluster 5. The musical experience invites attendees into Kordz's whimsical universe. It incorporates archival audio recordings from 1999 in which a 5-year-old Aleksandre introduces his fictional world of Bruntet, exploring its diverse inhabitants and multiple fascinating themes conceived by the young artist.

Directed by the accomplished Sandro Kalandadze, the musical arrangements for the production are an inventive collaboration between Kordz and ensemble Kluster 5, hailing from The Hague, Netherlands. Further artistic direction is provided by the creative "Haraki" team.

The musical voyage is set to grace the stages of numerous Georgian theaters during its tour:

  • September 29: Marjanishvili Theater will host two performances
  • October 2: Eristavi Theater in Gori
  • October 4: Meskhisvili Theater in Kutaisi
  • October 6: Summer Theater in Batumi

In showcasing the transformative power of the imagination, "Brunette - Return" stands as a testament to SOLO X's ongoing commitment to enriching Georgia's cultural tapestry.