Posted: 1 week ago

Solo Exhibition of Keu Meparishvili at The Why Not Gallery

The Why Not Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Keu Meparishvili's "Ole, or a lonely standing tree".
"The exhibition is like an archive of fears, each piece is born by it. Much of my life is spent meditating on fear and working on defeating it. In the old days, Karachogelebi were wearing as many grams of the silver belt, as the cost of their funeral. As if they had this fear of death walking with them.", is written in the letter by Keu. 
The artist uses theatrical elements in the exhibition, to create a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk and to take the visitor to the museum of his own fear. Keu uses a wide range of references to convey emotions, be it ancient architecture or artifacts, the mythology of poetry.

As for the headline of the exhibitionm the world "Ole" is taken from Giorgi Leonidze's poem "Ole", from the 1931 year. 
As he estimates the event, "the exhibition is a meditation on fear and living with it".