Posted: 1 year ago

Sizmari - Multimedia Installation of Feelings

“Sizmari” is a multimedia installation of feelings, where your consciousness becomes inventor by itself. It depends on which way you choose.

Neuron labyrinth becomes alive at the moment of entering. It changes forms according to your movements. Sounds, lights, decorations react to your choice and your unique action. You will enter the halls of subconscious, memory and fantasy, which are connected with entwined hallways.

The collaboration contains different mediums: architecture, audiovisual art, sculpture and their synthesis with modern, digital technology. This Union creates an individual trip for a visitor through the brain’s neuron labyrinth, which is created according to experienced feelings in dreams.

Participants: Beso Kacharava / Giorgi Koberidze / Giorgi Zautashvili / Giorgi Murgulia / Dodo Chkheidze / Temo Machavariani / Levan Abramishvili / Nikoloz Kapanadze / Zviad Mgebrishvili / Lisa Romanovskaya / Jara Mamaladze

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