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River's Magic Garden to Hold on October 22

„River’s Magic Garden“ is an annual event organized by the CCA – Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi. It will take place for the third time on the right embankment of the river Mtkvari, utilizing the unique meadow where the rivers Mtkvari and Vere meet. The event aims to encourage the transformation of the river Mtkvari and its meadows into public space.
„River’s Magic Garden“ is the only event in Tbilisi, which facilitates the interaction of the public with the riverbank of Mtkvari through creative means.
The event is held annually in early September, however, due to the epidemiological situation this year and the regulations in place at the time, the implementation date has changed several times. These circumstances (change of date and meteorological conditions) also affected the development of the program of the event and this year the program will be distributed to 2 locations.
The concept of 2021’s festival is Futurology.
Futurology is a field of Social sciences researching and envisioning the future. Though closely associated with High Technology, its main aim is the exploration of society’s perspectives of the future and prospective alternative realities based on a systematic analysis of the present.
Predictions of the evolution of disciplines and social patterns enable a leap in collective memory towards experimentation.
In art, there have been numerous cases where the synthesis of inspiration, analysis, and vision has led to essential discoveries: Leonardo da Vinci (Flying machine, etc), Joseph Beuys (7000 Oaks), and Jules Verne, etc.

This topic seems particularly relevant in a transformative, post-soviet reality, where each and every shift is painfully evocative of the powerlessness the people see in the creation of their own future.
The main component is the exhibition showing site-specific works and installations from 20 Georgian artists.
Exhibition opens on 22nd October, 18:00-20:00
Participants are as follows:
Levan Choghoshvili
Kote Sulaberidze
Temo Machavariani
Kote Jincharadze
Niko Lomashvili
Maka Kiladze
Lado Oniani
Bakar Migriauli
Giorgi Machaidze
Misha Gogrichiani
Zura Aphkhazi
Ana Chaduneli
Mamuka Samkharadze
Lado Darakhvelidze
Galaqtion Eristavi
Rusudan Badriashvili
Daviti Nargizishvili (HOLY IGUANA)
Tamari Bregvadze (HOLY IGUANA)
Aleksi Soselia
Iveta Chkhikvadze
Invited Speakers are as follows:
23.10. Irakli Lomouri / Writer – Anthology of Georgian Science Fiction Stories, Novel by Ivane Kipiani
24.10. Levan Gelashvili / Writer - Anthology of Georgian Science Fiction Stories
25.10. ZERIS / Writer - Sacred Geometry 21.12.21
26.10. Mikheil Shavelashvili / Writer – Science Fiction as a genre history of describing the future
27.10. Temur Bakuradze / Musician - Undiladze Family
28.10. Giorgi Muskhelishvili / Professor at Agricultural University of Georgia; Affiliated Professor at the University of Bremen - Lessons of Nature
The event will also hold handpicked video and movie screenings by the Georgian Video Art Archive from 22 to 29 October:
22.10 Caspar David Friedrich / The Boundaries of our Time / Peter Schamonis
24.10 Home / Yann Arthus-Bertrand
25.10 The Tulse Luper Suitcases / Peter Greenaway
26.10 Then Minutes Older: The Trumpet / Aki Kaurismaki
27.10 Generation P / Viktor Ginsburg (rus)
28.10 LIFE 2.0 / Jason Spingarn–Koff
29.10 The White Room Movie / The KLF
Apart from this, River’s Magic Garden will host different audio artists and performers every day
22 October – Levan Lolishvili
23 October - Natalia Basilaia
24 October – Reverie
25 October – Tazo Mephariani
26 October – Boy Off The Boat
27 October – Lasha Chkhaidze
28 October – Achi Tabukashvili
29 October – Rati Baramidze
Supporters of the Event are Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia, and Tbilisi City Hall.
Due to the COVID 19-situation and in accordance with safety regulations, entry to the locations without a protective facemask is not permitted.