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Rarities: Who Is Who? - Group Exhibition at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

Rarities: Who Is Who? is a group exhibition bringing together works selected from the repository and permanent exposition halls of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts.

“In a way, the question raised in the exhibition’s name involves an element of guessing. The works by elected artists represent a visually eclectic fabric incorporating drastically different styles, ideologies, creative techniques, and visions. The resulting irreversible dynamic reveals another experiment of guessing concrete artists in this exposition. The selected paintings by celebrated artists substantially deviate from their signature styles, those that we recognize at a glance,” noted the curator Konstantine Bolkvadze.
Edmond Kalandadze, Jibson Khundadze, Ana Shalikashvili, Temo Japaridze, Esma Oniani, Irakli Parjiani, Levan Tsutskiridze, Otar Chkhartishvili, Dima Eristavi, Givi Vashakidze, Koki Makharadze, and Gogi Chagelishvili: These names stand for the exhibition’s periodically expanded narrative.
The exposition encompasses several decades, namely from the 1950s to the 1980s. Armed with their hallmark styles, these artists, representatives of different generations, stormed Soviet and post-Soviet Georgian visual arts and made a lasting impression on the public with their idiosyncratic colors, forms, expressiveness, and metaphoric languages.
This exhibition comes across as visual research and a distinctive form of communication with art. Revelation and new discoveries are intentional methods to showcase resources from the repository and permanent exposition halls of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts. The narrative here will build on the analytical aspect of the Soviet experience of Georgian art. Despite enormous pressure, artists from this period tried to reevaluate the then prevalent directions and discourses.
The new exhibition narrative gives rise to an alternative dialogue on the development of Soviet Georgian art and displays the museum’s permanent expositions just the same.
The quintessence of the form of visual research lies in raising questions like “Who is who?” “Why do artists give up their archetypical signatures?” “What moves them?”
The exhibition’s concept is far from being self-assertive in any way. Instead, this principle is only the curator’s vision. And both the curator and the viewer complement each other as part of the exhibition.
List of Artists:
1. Edmond Kalandadze
2. Jibson Khundadze
3. Ana Shalikashvili
4. Temo Japaridze
5. Esma Oniani
6. Irakli Parjiani
7. Levan Tsutskiridze
8. Otar Chkhartishvili
9. Dima Eristavi
10. Givi Vashakidze
11. Koki Makharadze
12. Gogi Chagelishvili.