Posted: 2 months ago

Propaganda Network Hosts Exhibition of 'Parallel Class'

“Parallel Class” presents a finalizing exhibition of their 4-month educational program – “The Gold Market”.
The exhibition will take place at Stamba D block, 14 Kostava Street on April 2nd.
Students from IX, X, XI, XII grades will be presenting their works in frames of a unique classroom approach; one will be able to: listen to a school audio-journal; get to know how does screen printing work; check out and (if they would like to) purchase artworks created throughout these 4 months; take a sip of healing herbal potions.

“Parallel Class” operates for 5 years already; over this period of time, it has successfully founded a creative and educational initiative for secondary/high school students. At this point, “Parallel Class” program is exclusively dedicated to a multidisciplinary subject of “organizing space” - a book of which has been published in 2020, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
Throughout these 4 months, Parallel Class has been working with and has managed to host 30 students. Processes have taken place in studios of Stamba D block, involving distinctive artists, transforming the residency space into an open studio for students, their creative flow and education.
Students from different public and private schools were able to connect with a completely new space and creatives who spend time there. Workshops that were conducted include: wall-painting, audio-engineering, moving images, screen printing, installation, culinary, handicraft technologies, design and others. Students evolved skills such as groupwork principles, communication basics, research of local resources and possibilities, idea formation and its creative realization. Along with the program, students managed to put an audio-journal together; respondents and topics were chosen according to their own areas of interest. Each stage of the process (interviewing, audio montage, product design etc.) incorporated their participation.
The album includes a wide range of recordings: musical piece, psychological exercises, culinary recipes, interviews, etc. Audio album is released along with the label “UNHEARD”.

Special thanks for sharing their knowledge and experience to: Ruska Badriashvili, Rati Baramidze, Elene Gabrichidze, Giorgi Geladze, Iri Todriashvili, Zura Kakhidze, Vazha Marr, Ermile Magradze, Giorgi Mozgovoi, Mishiko Sulakauri, Nika Kutateladze, Mari Kalabegashvili, Ninutsa Shatberashvili, Tony Just.
Works by:
Tata Abramishvili, Elene Amonashvili, Liza Gabunia, Mariam Danelia, Nina Iashagashvili, Ani Kalatozishvili, Mariam Kopaliani, Nutsa Kusiani, Levani Mamulashvili, Gvantsa Margebadze, Ilia Migriauli, Mariam Mchedlishvili, Aniki Nijaradze, Medea Perez Gagoshidze, Mari Rodonaia, Anastasia Tkeshelashvili, Keto Ugulava, Trkla Pitskhelauri, Sandro Kavtaradze, Natali Chikhladze, Eka Tskitishvili.
Juba Peikrishvili, Zura Tsopurashvili
By the means of this activity “Parallel Class” aims to develop a methodology of sharing accumulated information among artistic and other platforms – with students.