Posted: 1 month ago

Performance and Exhibiition "Nadimi" at Wine Museum and KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO host a performance-exhibition "Nadimi" of Mamuka Japaridze's and Guga Kotetishvili at "Wine Museum".
The painters are Guga Kotetishvili and Mamuka Japharidze. Nino Daraseli and Teona Japharidze curate the event.
The two representatives of the modern Georgian arts scene - Guga Kotetishvili and Mamuka Japharidze – invite us to the Symposium (“Nadimi”) in the mysterious wine museum, almost to the level of the bottom of Mtkvari.
On the one hand, this is the attempt to visualize the word Symposium (“Nadimi”), and on the other hand, to use the famous essay of Plato - “Symposium”, and its theory of love as a weapon in order to unify the world collapsed by the war.
The visualization of the Symposium includes the research on the existence and development of a traditional genre of fine arts – Still life – in this digital era. In the experimental research, Still life will be presented in different media (paintings, photos, installation, print, or sound). The idea and the concept of the project are to get the celebration of spring in Tbilisi, which is directed against the online lifestyle and the time paused by Covid-19 and ongoing wars.
Adress: Karvasla, Sioni str. 8
Entrance: Near Metekhi Bridge, next to restaurant "Meidani".
The event is supported by KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO, AT.GE, BRAND PITT, Tbilisi City Hall, MEIDAN GROUP, and Tbilisi Wine Museum.