Posted: 1 week ago

Oriani Presents Mariam Shakarashvili's Solo Exhibition

ORIANI Fine Arts Management Group presents the solo exhibition of Mariam Shakarashvili's - "I don’t understand anything".
The exhibition will be opened on April 3rd at 14:00 pm and will run through April 7th.
The gallery is located on Petre Melikishvili Street, 23.
“I remember how I started writing on large canvases a few years ago and that was the way to express the main messages much better. I disclaimed the forms and replaced the silhouettes with words. Then, on the surface, the words gradually became more difficult to read, the letters got mixed up and the sentences lost their meaning. Now, I feel that this form of writing can better reflect me, despite the invisible thoughts, despite the fact that "I don’t understand anything".

Discovering such hints in my own work, I realized that the Asemic script overwhelmed my space and me, a wordless direction, open form that avoids specific content where the painter uses lines, symbols, and rhythms for the communication. There are many artists abroad working specifically in this direction - I am the only one in Georgia and “I don’t understand anything".

The artworks presented at the exhibition express this theme, the link between two types of Mariam – one who understands and the other who doesn’t understand anything.", is written in the description of the event.