Posted: 1 year ago

Open Space Hosts Exhibition "The Only Scar" by Anna Jibladze

Open Space is hosting an exhibition “The Only Scar” by multimedia artist Anna Jibladze (born 1995 in Tbilisi). In 2018, Jibladze graduated from the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design School (VAADS) at Free University, Tbilisi, majoring in painting.
She participated in numerous group exhibitions, including: "Clean Hands", Stamba, Tbilisi, 2021 (curated by Nino Sakandelidze); "Everything I promised myself", Fabrika, Tbilisi, 2021; "Oxygen: Know Thy Neighbor", Stamba, Tbilisi, 2020 (curated by Irina Popiashvili); "All Your Favorite Bitches And Witches", The Why Not Gallery, Tbilisi, 2020 (curated by Elene Kapanadze) and others.
"The Only Scar" - is Anna Jibladze's first solo exhibition and it combines her works from the past two years.
The exhibition focuses on connection between the material human body and the mind. For Jibladze these two systems are not perceived as harmonious parts of each other, but rather as two sides of an unresolved conflict. The death of the flash, the instincts and the independently ongoing chemical processes limit the mind and do not allow it to step over its own evolutionary stage.
The transhumanist ideology does seek ways to resolve this conflict - and, perhaps, the future will change the meaning of the body - but the author does not try to address the future. The subject of a conflict is a modern human, the one whose existence is still limited to the physical body.
By observing her own body and anatomical images, the artist tries to create a sterile and uncomfortable environment. In her works, created with intimate materials, anatomical landscapes, passionate and routine scenes, the symbols of death are repeated ad nauseum, as reminders of its constant presence. In this respect, the exhibition is an attempt to meditate on death, hidden in veiled humor and kitsch.
Her textual works are a kind of manifesto, and it’s partially used in the title of the exhibition. Its name - "The only scar I have is my navel" - combines both - the drama and the simplicity of a being born with body and mind.