Posted: 3 months ago

Not Her Fault Takes Place in Tbilisi

'Not Her Fault' is an International campaign and DIY-festival in support of domestic violence survivors.

“It was your fault” is often said to domestic violence survivors. This poisonous stereotype and a crooked intention to blame the victim for the harm are grown deep in our cultures. Together with our friends and colleagues, we want to actively oppose the culture of violence and victim-blaming and use the upcoming date to bring the problem of domestic violence into public discourse once again.

"On March 8th, 2020 we invite you to Dedaena bar that kindly supports the initiative by providing us space for a one-day campaign. On that day we organize a film screening, talks, and music gigs to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence and to increase donations to the local non-profit organizations that help victims of domestic abuse.

You will be able to show your support through donation on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis at the entrance.
All funds raised will go to Sapari - an organization focused on fighting against discrimination in the country, increasing women’s political participation, economic empowerment and the empowerment of women’s movement. Sapari assists domestic violence survivors providing a safe space in its center for the rehabilitation providing medical and psychosocial help.",  is written in the event description.

The evening will be fulfilled with Dj sets:

- BERO (
- RATI (
- DALI (
And other artists will be announced soon!