Posted: 1 month ago

Night at the Museum - Writer's House is Hosting International Museum Week

On May 16-20, the Writers' House has been hosting the International Museum Week, during which visitors were able to visit an exhibition of David Sarajishvili and repressed writers, learn about the history of the house - from the life of David Sarajishvili to writers repressed by the Soviet regime. Additionally, during the week, additional exhibits will be displayed in the residential house of David and Catherine, which are not exhibited in the museum space.

May 18, an International Museum Day has been celebrated worldwide since 1977 by the decision of the International Council of Museums.

As part of the week dedicated to the International Museum Day, the Writers' House and the exposition of Davit Sarajishvili and the repressed writers offer a wide list of exhibitions, events and educational programs to the visitors interested in the history and the museum.

Schedule of events planned for the week:

May 16

21:00 - Night at the Writers' House

18 May

20:00 - Lecture by Otar Janelidze: "David Sarajishvili"

19 May

21:00 - Night at the Museum - Introduction to the Exhibition of Repressed Writers – Tour by Irakli Khvadagiani

20 May

18:00 - "Artistic Flowers" - Opening of Gagosha's exhibition;

20:00 - An evening of poetry by repressed writers. Participants: Nino Tarkhan-Mouravi and Irakli Gogoladze

Admission to the museums is free during the International Museum Week.