Posted: 5 years ago

New Space Letse To Open In Tbilisi On June 16

The word “Letse” is translated to “Smash it” in Georgian, which is the newest platform in Tbilisi. “Letse” provides guests with a menu, involving a wide range of materials, which they can destroy with specific equipment, for instance, hammer, sledgehammer and baseball bat.

“In that time, I was thinking, where and how to bring out my negative energy, to not damage someone. I started to share my new idea of creating a new sphere, where one can destroy anything he/she wants. But people were telling me that it was too hard to get the appropriate quantity of materials”, creator of “Letse”, Ani Meskhidze noted. Soon she found her business partners, Nika Jgeria, and Nini Kvirikashvili.

“Users will meet here completely calm host, who will help them to prepare the session, which involves suitable equipment and the materials which must be destroyed.” Ani Meskhidze states.

Users can destroy things such as everyday objects and dishes. The challenge aroused by them will be the renewal of smashing objects.

“Except for the antistress session, we think that our city sometimes needs diversity. According to this, we are waiting for people, who want to handle their stress or anxiety or simply receive new experiences and feelings with smashing.

As they say, their future plans involve creating a B2B model. Soon, “Letse” will go to the offices of companies and will create its threshing hall. They also want to construct additional space for sport supporters.

“During the match, if something will trigger them in a negative way and this will make them angry, they simply can destroy some things, for example, beer steins, plates, etc.”, says Ani Meskhidze.