Posted: 3 years ago

Networking Georgia Comes Back on November 2-3

Networking Georgia event will take place in Kakheti "Kachreti Ambassador", which is organized by Networking Georgia Bene Exclusive.

The project aims to exchange business contacts in the informal area. Hence, it unites approximately 550 representatives of foreign, big and small businesses. 

"Networking Georgia is one of the big business projects, which brought quite vital results for business sector. We changed the attitude towards Business contacts, which are mainly made by telephones and recommendations. We gave an opportunity to companies, to be connected in completely one space. We created free, informal space and, simultaneously, founded making important businesses. We have the example, where the company came back with 40 already formed agreement.", declared Giorgi Goglidze, general director of Bene Group.

Considering the reality existed in Georgian business sector, Networking Georgia is an innovative project, which relates professional partners with each other and helps them in developing their own Network. Large familiar zone and diverse contacts are the most important factor for achieving success. 

550 representatives of big and small businesses will have an opportunity to exchange contacts, present their company and implement new business ideas in a pleasant, informal space. 

Bene Exclusive applies new auto park of 2018-2019 within the frameworks of project. Organizers are creating joyful, energetic mood and are starting activities in Tbilisi. 

Together with opening the event, participants will receive instructions for 2 days of activities and will be assigned in the hotel rooms. The conference will include masterclasses by Davit Chikvaidze, who will discuss "Storytelling in marketing", Andro Dgebuadze, who will be speaker of "Feel what you do and do what you feel" and Dato Turashvili, who will consider the matters of the exclusive theme "Georgia, Homeland of Wine". 

Special guest for the project is a well-known businessman, business speaker and author of business channel of Youtube, Evgeniy Chernyak(Forbes 100). The event is also loaded with activities such as Blitz Networking, Human Library, Business Lego, Networking Cafe, Board Games, and workshops. The gala supper of the first day will be musically accompanied by Goofy Land.

The second day will begin with dance masterclasses and Yoga classes. Together with revealing the winner of Scavenger Hunt, Barbeque will be settled for guests.

Networking Georgia is not a one-occasion event, it holds this year for the second time.

Sponsors of the project are Beeline, GPI Holding, Aldagi, Coaching Lab, Bia.

Media partners of the project are Forbes, BMG, CBW, Business Political Insights, Fortuna, HR Hub, Radio Utsnobi, Radio Fortuna, Radio Positive, Program "Business Partner", Radio Imedi.