Posted: 2 weeks ago

MAUDI Digital Action Presents 'Nomadic Rhizome'

The project MAUDI Digital Action aims to create new forms of collaboration between audio arts and digital visual arts and, as a result, support digital art production.
Within the second event of the project, we present the performance of musician Anushka Chkheidze and artists Natia Chikvaidze, Adam Koan and Dasha Sedova titled "Nomadic Rhizome".
The performance description: The performance will be based on the concept of the nomadic rhizome, a performance layout that breaks from prior definitions of performance space. In a nomadic rhizome, there are multiple spaces used, both inside and outside are possible where transitions between each performance are just as important as the individual performances themselves. There may also be use of parade, game, or even audience participation. The idea is to break free from preconceived notions of performance space. The performance will be multi-faceted like a rhizome. The final format is dependent on both the internal environment of the participants and the physical space itself.
Natia Chikvaidze is a professional contemporary dancer, performer, teacher, and choreographer from Tbilisi/ Georgia, who grew up as a professional dancer in an international environment, in France, Israel, and Portugal. Collaborating with artists from various cultural backgrounds and disciplines deeply impacted her relationship to dance, society, and to movement. Her artistic aim is to explore, broaden and challenge the range of physical expression, finding different qualities of the movement and emotional states.
Anushka Chkheidze is rising Georgian electronic music producer. She has spent her childhood years in Kharagauli where she went to music school and sang folk songs in the youth ensemble. She was also part of a “Street Dance Group”. At the age of 11, Anushka started chanting at a small chapel in the village. She describes the time spent there as magical and she thinks that her music is deeply influenced by those childhood years.

Despite her very young age of 22, her music is very well thought out and intelligent. Her work includes music for film and theater.
The performance is organized by Adam Koan and supported by Natia Chikvaidze and Dasha Sedova.
It will have a six-day deep movement exploration and laboratory on the intersection of Butoh, improvisational scores, and contemporary dance techniques. During these days, we will be building up a structure that will be presented to the audience on the 18th of June in the Maudi gallery.
Adam Koan’s butoh is called Shadowbody. To Adam, butoh is a means to re-adopt the body and to break out of various limiting habits modern society has thrust upon our bodies and spirits. The body is an enigma and an entire universe full of wonder, and both surface and shadow are made to eventually dance together in harmony.

Shadowbody guiding draws upon a multitude of exercises and perspectives that emphasize the body-mind connection, improvisation, imagination, shamanic motifs, and unlearning.

Adam is a half Colombian half Venezuelan-American, raised in the small town of Belleview, Florida who tours the world performing, teaching, and writing about Butoh. In his early dance history, he was classically trained in Ballet and Modern Dance.
Entrance fee: 10 Lari
The project is supported by Tbilisi City Hall.