Posted: 1 month ago

Lara Michel's exhibition "When the heart stumbles" at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi - Master Room is hosting Lara Michel's exhibition "Extrasystoles. When the heart stumbles..." at Chovelidze Street 1st.
The exhibition is curated by Gregor Beltzig and Teona Gogichaishvili.
Born on April 8, 1990 in Geneva, Lara began studying Art History in Paris. After obtaining a license and an internship in the Photography Department of Artcurial, she continued her training by following the online teaching of the International Center of Photography in New York (2017-2021). The Polaroid imposed itself as a revelation in 2014 during a series of fashion images commissioned from it. She never changed cameras and kept “this essential tool” that (SX-70) has become means to develop her personal photographic projects. His images have been the subject of several publications (Elle, Fisheye, Artsper, 1NSTANT, Mauer, Le Point…).
Perhaps you also know this feeling, when suddenly your heart almost threatens to jump out of your chest out of loud emotion! A feeling of climax, intoxicating, but always accompanied by a shadow. The shadow of melancholy, the fear that suddenly everything dear to you could disappear, dissolve into thin air... Do you also know this ambivalence? The intense feelings between euphoria and fear? Between pleasure and pain? How was it again, there is no sunshine without the clouds… Since our birth, transience accompanies us – fragilitas, transitum. Everything is finite, everything dissolves at some point. But perhaps that is what makes life so precious. The need to capture the special moments of life surely comes from this. What are the special moments anyway? The birth, the wedding, the death? What about the times in between? Seemingly inconspicuous moments full of tenderness, devotion, love, longing, loss, anger, grief, or many unspoken desires... When I first saw Lara Micheli's photographs, I felt directly attracted by her visual language. They were for me like silent poems that hide a lot between the lines, the images that capture different moments of everyday life in a poetic way and touch the heart without the false sentimentality. Lara's works are for me like haikus, like unfinished, open texts that only complete themselves in the reader's experience.
„The glow is extinguished in the sky, the eternal stars quietly rise.“ Arno Holz (1863-1929)