Posted: 2 weeks ago

KHIDI Opens After 20-Month Break with Pilot Event- Open Culture

On October 8, after a 20-month break, club ''KHIDI'' will hold the first numerous closed event. Open Culture is a pilot event to restore electronic music and club culture.

"The idea of safe events initiated by Unity of Electronic Music and Club Culture Restoration Foundation and Georgian Culture and Creative Industries ACT4CULTURE is a strategy for preparing, organizing and responding to music and cultural events, promoting the performance of electronic music, club, festival and performing arts.

Global experience, highly qualified research, and the results of thousands of pilot activities have shown that hosting open and closed events through pre-tested audiences reduces the risk to zero of infection and pandemic spread.

Studies and collected information allow us to coexist with the virus while minimizing health risks, because in cities where strict care policies are not implemented in parallel with strict regulations and have no legal alternatives, much more dangerous hearths emerge.

Pilot Event OPEN CULTURE: KHIDI aims to study the risks of spreading the virus during a crowded event indoors, develop a guidance document based on the results of the study, and introduce a common standard across the country.

"A specially designed application will be used to prevent the health status of the people present at the party, which will ensure the identification of individuals with the status of Covid," - said in a statement provided by the organizers to "Business Partner".

Following people can attend the event:

  • Fully vaccinated individuals, two weeks after the second vaccination
  • Individuals who have had Covid in the last 6 months
  • Individuals with negative PCR test results during the last 48 hours

The person attending the pilot event will automatically agree to the terms and conditions of participation in the study when purchasing a ticket by sharing his/her personal data (name, telephone number, personal number, e-mail address) so that in-depth research is possible after the event. On October 8, the residents of the club and the representatives of the new wave of the Tbilisi scene will play at the 16-hour pilot event.