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Installations of Georgian Artists to Present on Orbeliani Square by Window Project

Window Project presents installations of Salome Machaidze, Uta Bekaia, and Tamuna Karumidze on Orbeliani Square.
Their works represent the echo of the current state of the world. It is an attempt to convey the state of the artist in physical forms.


Salome Machaidze
“We will Win”


At present, when the entire world is facing a dead-end, historical bonds between objects and humans are deteriorating new connections and new history are to be found.
The face and motorcyclist, being as an allusion of Nikoloz Baratashvili’s “Merani”, could be perceived as a sign of finding the new ways in this destroyed world.
But there still exists the will of the spirit, which will help to reconstruct the disintegrated deadlocked culture and the people.
The desire to create the new idea, in the vacuum of civilization, must overcome this emptiness.
Uta P. Bekaia
Hibernation/ My security blanket.

As a small child, if I would get scared at night, and it was cold outside, hidden in my favorite blanket, I imagined myself buried under the big snow, in my small, warm, and cozy cave.
In this sanctuary, I could spend the whole winter wrapped in a blanket, sleeping soundly, and living in colorful lucid dreams of universes unknowns.
Still now, when I feel fear, I connect with the wary rabbit again, who taught me to hide.
From this bunny, I learned how to conceal, And how to quickly flee to a sacred place.
This blanket, and the rabbit on it, is a simulation of those sacral and ritualistic objects, creatures and guides, I remember so vividly from my childhood.
Tamuna Karumidze
„Tamra“ Mental Objects

As always work of Tamuna Karumidze is a blend of different multimedia fields: fashion, sound design, music graphic design, and more…
The work represented by Window Project is based on the fusion of Islamic veils and modern daywear. The idea behind it is a simple vision of our future, in a post-pandemic space, where our faces and identities have lost their value, whereas the garments covering our bodies have gained the meaning of power.
Tamuna Karumidze is a multi-media artist born and based in Tbilisi who has dipped into the world of fashion designer under the label Tamra. Her work focuses on exploring marginalized urban tribes with one-of-a-kind garments that she can feature in her video works that have been screened at various International Film Festivals, Art Forums and Exhibitions, several in collaboration with Vogue.