Posted: 8 months ago

Iliko Zautashvili's Exhibition to Hold in Georgian National Museum

Georgian National Museums in the framework of the project “Contemporary Art Gallery” presents the exhibition "How to Catch up with a Dead Hare" by Georgian contemporary artist Iliko Zautashvili.

"How to Catch up with a Dead Hare" is a type of motivation for constant search, which, on one hand, is the artist’s tribute to Western contemporary art, while on the other it points to the specific creative goals Iliko Zautashvili is trying to achieve in his artwork.

"Most of the works that are presented at the exhibition were created in 2019 and are showcasing the artist's current moods, as well as the peculiarities of his thinking and existential space. Zautashvili's interests lie in the areas of human consciousness and life. These are philosophy and politics, social and personal life, sexuality, and so forth. For him, art is a means to get in touch with reality, leaving little attention to the fleeting trends in contemporary art and trying to address the eternal, existential themes in his work. His purpose is to create meaning through interaction between the structural components of the work. He is less interested in the artificially embedded concept necessitating long textual explanations, which is why the final artistic result, in his artwork, is always beyond intentionality and offers the viewer endless freedom of interpretation.

“The art I'm looking for reveals itself amid contradictory events and responds to global themes. Independence and freedom are the conditions upon which the relationship between the individual and society must be built. Art is a way to get in touch with reality and discover new ideas. My goal is to reveal new meanings which disclose the hidden and paradoxical context of life,” says the artist.
One thing that unites all the artist’s works is that they are not mere illustrations or quotes of the problem through art. His works always leave space for reconstruction and fantasy. For him, art, as well as life, is a space for the most unexpected questions. Questions that, even if left unanswered, provide almost complete information about modernity.", is written in the description of the event.
Curator of the exhibition is Magda Guruli. The exhibition finishes on January 19th, 2020.