Posted: 4 years ago

Hunee DJ with Super-eclectic taste to Perform at 4GB Festival

Hunee Choi- German DJ and producer to perform at 4GB festival.

Hunee is the fearless DJ with super-eclectic taste. As happy dropping disco, African rarities, vintage Italo, boogie or up-to-the-minute electro, he’s refused to compromise on his diverse selections despite playing some of electronic music’s biggest stages. DJ Mag meets with him in Paris and London to get inside the mind of a passionate DJ who refuses to play by the rules...

“The more freestyle type of DJing has definitely crossed over into a field where only tech-house existed before,” he continues. “A lot of the music we play has never been heard on the main stage at a festival, or in certain nightclubs at a certain time of night. The growth still feels surreal, as only a few years ago this was the music played to fifty people in a club’s third room.

“I’m still exploring, but it feels like size doesn’t matter anymore,” he continues. “My gigs range from a few hundred to a few thousand people, but I still play the same range of music. You just pick different songs within that range, and build the energy in a different way. You can have more of a pressure-cooker situation, where you add less heat but it boils really fast, or you have a really big pot that isn’t covered, and you have to fire it a lot to get it boiling. But people are so open now it means there is a lot more to discover.”

Hunee's contribution is great, that such a variety of music is often played on big festivals 4GB  festival is no exception.