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Home with you - Photo Exhibition at Untitled Gallery

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi introduces the opening of the season with the photo exhibition.
"The shared courtyards of Tbilisi houses have a long history of mirroring the city's diversity and the peace between people. One of the precedents of such a distinctive courtyard lies within a house in Isani district.

The house constructed in 1911 for a Tsarist army general is standing right next to the former Soviet military hospital complex that used to serve the entire South Caucasus. However, like many as such, one-family house turned into a community living space during the Soviet regime. After the conversion, it had to be shared between 10 or more residents.

A century later, the residents of the house with mixed ethnicities, religions, lifestyles and ideologies dream of destroying it with the promise of getting new apartments in individualism-pumping modern tall blocks.
Many investors have visited the courtyard giving promises since the collapse of the Soviet Union. A few weeks ago, one of them, seeking profit, came back with yet another dream plan for the neighbors. The contracts are signed by almost every family living there. Yet, the fortune of the house always finds at least one family who is against the deal.", is written in the description of the event.
“Home with you” is a photo exhibition that explores the mindset of the Tbilisian courtyard and the people who are living there for over three decades, but waiting to move out. The photos are selected from the archives of the residents of the house. They carry personal meanings and private stories of the residents.

These photos are accompanied by the architectural drawings of the house referring to its original, current, and new plan after the demolition. The drawings reflect inevitable needs and spatial alterations. As an opening event, driven by nostalgia, we organize a dinner to discuss what we are losing by profit-seeking housing projects, erasing the memory of Tbilisi courtyards and common spaces in general.
The exhibition is curated by Giorgi Rodionov and Onur Ceritoglu.
The exhibition starts on September 16th, at 19:00, and ends on December 12th.