Posted: 3 years ago

GIPA Startup Talks to Take Place at Roses Park

Perhaps, there was a time, when you came up with genius ideas, yet you were clueless, how to turn them into reality. At this moment, you realize, that you need an advisor and motivator, who will give these ideas concrete direction and will encourage new steps forward.

The students of GIPA, who created brilliant ideas, nowadays are startupers and next to them were standing Gipa and their lecturers. We, as master degree students of Public Relations and Event Management of GIPA, decided to introduce these students and their startups to you.

They will discuss the matters of their past experiences from thinking about ideas to implementing them into reality and motivation, which is the origin of success and which GIPA is creating today.

  • Come, if you wish to get an inspiration
  • Come, if you wish to get motivation from GIPA
  • Get acquainted with GIPA's successful startupers

Participants of the event are:

  1. Parker • Georgia
  2. AlterSocks
  3. Bari-Barshi
  4. Druchi
  5. SAME Hotels
  6. Slushy
  7. Lot-bar
  8. Mensa
  9. Visia
  10. Anemone

Media partners of the event are: "CBW", "Entrepreneur", "Ipress" and "Ibusiness". It will take place at Roses Park, on June 27, at 19:00 pm.

For further information, visit Facebook Event - GIPA Startup TALKS.