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Giorgi Kiknadze Quartet – ‘Paysage’ Jazz Concert Series to be held in Georgia

Giorgi Kiknadze Quartet – ‘Paysage’ Jazz concert series will be held in Georgia.

Giorgi Kiknadze, Georgian composer and double bass player, born in Tbilisi, Georgia lives and works in Germany. Years ago his family moved to the city of Lubeck. He graduated from Hamburg School of Music and Drama. Giorgi is a son of Georgian composer and saxophonist, Rezo Kiknadze.

He is one of the most demanded bass players in Northern Germany. In addition to his own quartet with Frank Delle, Lukas Klapp and Konrad Ullrich and his trio with Rainer Böhm and Konrad Ullrich, he is a member of the Anna-Lena Schnabel Quartet and Gabriel Coburger's Pocket Band. Kiknadze played with numerous German and international jazz greats such as Till Brönner, Gary Thomas, Adma Nussbaum, Ziv Ravitz, Florian Weber, Christian Lillinger, John Schroeder, Claus Stoetter, Sebastian Gille, Philipp Gropper, Wanja Slavin and many others.

The debut album ‚paysage‘ (2019) was recorded with Giorgi‘s longtime fellow-players and friends Frank Delle (sax), Lukas Klapp (p) and Konrad Ullrich (dr), is full of dedications. On one side, to persons whom he admires and who fascinate him like composer Alban Berg or gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok. On the other side, to people that he loves and that have influenced him. People from two different countries, maybe even worlds, both equally regarded as his ones. To his family in Georgia, but also for his ‘own’ new family in Germany. For friends from both countries, that could not be more different.


10th of October – Kutaisi, Meskhishvili Theater, 19:00 (Free Entrance)
12th of October – Telavi, Telavi National Theater, 19:00 (Free Entrance)
14th of October – Tbilisi, Grand Hall of Tbilisi State Conservatoire, 20:00. You can buy tickets on and in box-offices of Tbilisi National Conservatoire and Tbilisi State Philharmonic.

Giorgi Kiknadze - Double bass, Composer
Frank Delle - Saxophone
Lukas Klapp – Grand Piano
Konrad Ullrich - Drum

PAYSAGE concert series in Georgia is organized by Kavkaz Jazz.
PAYSAGE concert series partners: Kutaisi City Municipality Hall, Telavi Municipality City Hall, Mercury Hotel, Ibis Styles Tbilisi Center.