Posted: 8 months ago

Georgian Tourism Fair 2020

B2B meetings with leading tourism companies of Asia and Europe, Discount Fest, seminars, and workshops on tourism and service sphere will hold on 13-14 March, in 11th Pavillion of ExpoGeorgia.

During these two days, scheduled meetings will be held between invited companies and participants of the exhibition.

The exhibition is visited by more than 100 potential partner companies. The companies were chosen by their size and their interest in the market of Georgia.

Also, representatives will visit the country from China, Kazakhstan, India, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Katar, and United Arab Emirates.

The seminars and workshops will be held on Tourism and Service - this is the unique possibility for those, who decided to start their carrier in the field of tourism and service or they already are owners of small and average hotels, restaurant or tourist company.

Simultaneously, Discount Fest is planned. Organizers will present the angle of discounts with the best offers in the tourism industry.