Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian-German Festival Supra to Hold in Germany

The nine-day festival 'Supra' takes place in Germany, which aims to promote Georgian-German art and cultural interconnections.

The festival will also host the screening of the Film 'In Bloom', which is directed by Nana Eqvtimishvili. It will also present Georgian folklore music by "Qalau". Young street artist, Mishiko Sulakauri will create the installation based on Tushetian wall. Visitors will have an opportunity, to be part of the culinarian workshop and be acquainted with Georgian cuisine. 

The festival will end on the 28th of July, where every member will unite around the performance, called "Supra". They will read the poetry of contemporary Georgian poet, Giorgi Gamsakhurdia on German language. 

The organizers and co-curators of the event are Teona Gogichaishvili and Olaf Scheller. As organizers declare, presenting Georgia on Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 has strengthened the connection between Georgian and German culture and deepened visitor's interests.