Posted: 3 years ago

Georgia as an Honorable Guest at Valladolid Film Festival

On October 19-26 Spain will host Valladolid Film Festival, which presents more then 20 Georgian Films produced in last twenty years, such as:

1. Chantrapas - Ioseliani, Otar.

2. Tangerines - Urushadze, Zaza.

3. Corn Island  - Ovashvili, Giorgi.

4. In Bloom - Ekvtimishvili, Nana.

5. Hostages - Gigineishvili, Rezo.

6. Dede - Khachvani, Mariam.

7. Line of Credit - Aleksi-Meskhishvili, Nutsa.

8. Blind Dates - Koghuashvili, Levan.

9. Bridesmades - Kajrishvili, Tinatin.

10. Salt White - Machavariani, Keti.

11.. House of Others - Glurjidze, Rusudan.

12. Scary Mother - Urushadze, Ana.

13. Horizon - Kajrishvili, Tinatin.

14. Gogita's New Life - Koghuashvili, Levan.

15. Felicita - Aleksi-Meskhishvili, Nutsa.

16. City of the Sun - Oneli, Rati.

17. Name - Khalvashi, Zaza.

18. The April Chill - Bziava, Tornike.

19. Mother - Ekvtimishvili, Nana.

20. Prisoner of Society - Tsiteladze, Rati.

21. Mother - Tsiteladze, Rati.

22. Till the End of the Day - Sarukhanova, Ana.

It is also worth mentioning, that Valladolid Film Festival will launch "My Grandmother", which is directed by Kote Mikaberidze in 1929. The film will be musically accompanied by Rezo Kiknadze Trio. 

The main contest program includes "And then We Danced" by Levan Akin, which currently premiered on Cannes Festival. 

The jury of Valladolid Film Festival is presented by 2 Georgian film directors - Keti Machavariani (International competition) and Nutsa Aleksi-Meskhishvili. Also, festival publishes bilingual book on Georgian and Spanish languages about Georgian cinema. The book will involve publications of Lela Ochiauri, Zviad Dolidze and Irina Demetradze.

Valladolid Film Festival will dedicate the program of 24 October to Georgia as a guest country. Apart from other activities, roundtable discussion format will be held about Georgian cinema, which will be attended by cinematographs, Keti Machavariani, Nutsa Aleksi-Meskhishvili, Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi, Tornike Bziava and creative group of And Then We Danced.

In the evening, Georgian receiving will be presented for festival guests which is organized by Georgian Embassy and Valladolid Film Festival.

Valladolid International Film Festival is a film festival held annually in Valladolid, Spain since 1956. Nowadays the festival is regarded as one of the most important in the specialty of independent film and auteur film.