Posted: 4 days ago

Fotografia Presents Gogi Tsagareli's Exhibition

Gogi Tsagareli was photographing Georgian history from the frontlines for more than 20 years.
An engineer by profession, he didn't start taking photographs seriously until his early 30's after the birth of his son. First as an amateur photographer for various newspapers, then in 1984, after giving up his engineering career for good, as a photojournalist for prestigious publications.
Tsagareli is most well known as a war photographer who documented the conflicts that consumed the Caucasus after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His images capture the raw emotion and everyday challenges of war and desperation. After the conflicts ended, Tsagareli turned his attention to various personal projects in experimental and non-traditional photography.
Taken together the contrast between Tsagareli's war photography and conceptual work gives us a more complete picture of the man behind the camera as a photographer who can concentrate his lens - both when it shows the most horrific scenes from the war and the peaceful still of everyday life.
Sadly, Tsagareli passed away in 2020. Fotografia currently presents a two-week exhibition in April 9th dedicated to his life work.
The exhibition is free but donations are accepted to help cover costs.