Posted: 8 months ago

Folklore Hall to be Opened in National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

The opening Ceremony of the Folklore Hall at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia holds on January 20th, at 14:00. The event takes place at Gudiashvili Street 5#.

The restoration works were undertaken with the financial support of the Georgian Chant Foundation and Shilda Winery.

The restoration revealed unique wall painting dating back to 1912. The painting was restored by a team of the Georgian Academy of Arts graduates under the supervision of Maia Kuprashvili.
The National Library will showcase its collection of folk music recordings from all regions of Georgia. The visitors will also have access to all folklore-related printed materials and photos preserved at the National Library. The digital versions of the collection items will be made available to researchers as well.
The Georgian Chant Foundation, one of the sponsors of the Folklore Hall, was founded in 2012. Its mission is to support and promote the Georgian chant tradition and other forms of Georgian folklore.
The opening ceremony of the Folklore Hall at the National Library will be accompanied by Women’s Choir of Chant University and Ensemble Shilda.