Posted: 1 month ago

FestiNova Presents Online Tour of Exhibition - Ars Garikula

On December 5, at 16:00, FestiNova 2020 - is presenting the online tour of the exhibition.

Participants in the exhibition are: Nina Kintsurashvili, Uta Bekaia, Nika Koplotadze, Luka Japaridze, Ana Mikhaelova-Kezeli, Nina Akhobadze, Natia Benashvili, Nanuka Gogolashvili. The moderator of the online tour is art critic Dato Koroshinadze.

The pandemic played a significant role into the contemporary art. The world is facing a physical impossibility, in which traditional artistic sphares stop functioning for uknown period of time. Art went into a crisis, in which it has no resource to overcome it. The only way to solve this problem is to cross the invisible boundaries, which are governed by langual, cultural and media codes. By doing this it will lead us to find out inner adventures, which include the language of rediscoveries, silence, gestures, symboles and terms, forgotten, ignored or repressed by habitual urban way of life.
“Ars Garikula” is the beginning of this journey. It poses the quesiton: What are the forms of the different being? In these forms of being we see a hero as an ivasive individual who is distant from everyday life, seeking for permanent adventures and transfomations. It understands well that physical boundaries only widen the horizon of imagination, as well as immaterial and incorporeal phenomens embody the daily challenges. Pandemic is only a good way to hide out. And thus, the evasive hero’s iconography is represented as a cosmos, his working space as a desert and the route – unknown.
All that is left is a trace, which refers to its being. Things, artefacts, images and texts just hint us, that there had been someone there. At the same time they uncover the assence of the journey, challenges and decisions made on the way, which we face on the path. In such a fashion the past is reanimated, events are drawn with radical meanings and a strange attraction is born between the historical poles.
This Attraction or unknown similarity gives a way to new social impulses, which unite creative potentials and unfold the space for dialogue between different countries - creating a place where people of diverse origines can meet each other. This is a place without any knowledge of modern consumery lables. The place, which awakens the hope for rediscoveries and a renewal.