Posted: 3 weeks ago

Exit - Exhibition of Mikheil Gogrichiani at Tbilisi History Museum

Tbilisi History Museum within the framework of the project "Contemporary Art Gallery", presents the exhibition "Exit" by Mikheil Gogrichiani.
The project was created while pandemic when the share of industrial hazardous waste was decreased immensely through a lockdown pursuing prevention of the virus. Fresh air replaced smog beyond our big urban space.
Mikheil Gogrichiani's project "Exit" represents the conceptual idea of escaping from the city's ugly urban space to united colorful depth of woods' and also the existence of a solution to all difficulties.
These woods are fantastic, mysterious, dramatic, threatful, very calm, and natural. Most importantly, each work is interesting and different. Also, the catalog was prepared along with the exhibition, where there are artist's former paintings and the works that were represented in the project.
The exhibition is a different, alternative idea, tentative "exit" from any locked space, which is topical, especially today.
The exhibition starts on November 4th and will continue till 20th at Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla), #8 Sioni Str.
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