Posted: 4 months ago

Exhibition Khararka Loft Experience to Showcase Ancient Georgian Ornamental Symbols in Home Decor

Khararka and Art Gallery Vake Presents: 'Khararka Loft experience'.

Creative workshop "Khararka" has been in existence for 17 years. The idea of creating a workshop belongs to artists - Giorgi Chakhelidze and Ketevan Tchabukiani. Creative space revives ancient Georgian ornamental symbols in household items. 

Exhibition/sale of the new collection in two parts:

part 1: 25.01 - 7.02

Uncompromising and strict, with timeless style, brought to us through the centuries and taking a new life in a different form, treated with the tenderness, Functional Art (furniture and interior design elements) from the new LOFT collection from Khararka.

Part 2: 8.02-23.02

The interiors of castles and the luxury of kings, a modern interpretation of ancient legends and mythology, interior items made with respect to the centuries-old traditions of our ancestors.

Throughout the whole exhibition (from 25.01 to 23.02) you will have a unique opportunity to personally communicate with the authors of these works.

Every piece of art presented at the exhibition are unique and made in a single copy, only natural materials: iron, copper, century-old wood (without artificial aging) and natural semiprecious stones are used.