Posted: 4 months ago

Dedicace Gallery Presents Exhibition by Giorgi Otiashvili: "Tbilisi"

Dedicace Gallery presents an exhibition by Giorgi Otiashvili – Tbillisi.

Giorgi Otiashvili is one of the members of the Group On/off. The series creates a rhythmic outline of a city well known to us. "Tbilisi" can be considered a short retrospective exhibition of the artist, from 2019 to 2022. Although Tbilisi and Turbo series are more or less different both visually and thematically, their common content is the same.

"Tbillisi" is a project that is important to display as an album, as the form of the album represents a kind of diary. "Tbilisi" is the main exposition of the exhibition. This is a small-scale gouache étude created on the roof of a building in the summer of 2021, which over time has evolved into a kind of postcard album. Well-known turbo stamps and a childhood spent on setting sun memories full of such an étude.

Exhibition will be held on July 1st at Dedicace Gallery and will continue till July 12th.