Posted: 3 months ago

DECODER to host Legend of Modern Techno Scene- Richie Hawtin

The festival of electronic music and visual arts, DECODER, for the first time in 3 years, will host the legend of the modern techno scene - Richie Hawtin.

The musician, whose account of many successful projects and is considered to be a major intellectual force in electronic music worldwide, is set to play for Georgian listeners on February 22.

As part of the festival series, Claire Morgan will be visiting Tbilisi for the first time. Artist started his career as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Creating compositions for films and television in the past has greatly influenced his melody and harmonious progress.

The artist's boundless talent has been revealed in Australia and the ultimate form, style, and clear instincts have been acquired in the techno capital.

In addition to the invited artists, national stage pioneer- The Forest will perform. His sets are full of deep sound and he is one of the most popular composers today. Artist started making music since 2001, at the age of 18 and continues to actively pursue his creative career.

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